A Forest Journey is an approachable, accessible monograph with an impressively broad scope. From construction to fuel to weaponry, Perlin shows that wood may be humanity’s most essential material.
Los Angeles Times
The First Must-Read Environmental Books of 2023 Have Arrived. This latest update to the classic book is ready to stand the test of time...the 500-page physical book is packed with hundreds of gorgeous photos and illustrations that depict the history of trees on Earth and their uncertain future.
The Revelator,
Center for Biological Diversity
With Patagonia's trademark care, this account of the role of trees in the fate of civilization has been enriched with illustrations and artful production.
Michael Svoboda,
Yale Climate Connections
“A Forest Journey” is as ambitious and comprehensive as its title suggests, imbued by its author with 40 years of expertise.
The UCSB Current
A Forest Journey is a brilliant book that should be compulsory reading for everybody – not just those with an interest in plants and people.
Nigel Chaffey, BotanyOne.com
This book takes one those bold imaginative steps through world history that leaves you full of excitement, as suddenly events seem to fall into a pattern for the first time. Perlin not only presents us with a bold hypothesis profusely documented and illustrated, he does it with a story-teller’s pace and ability to surprise.
Book Talks, BBC World Service
Recommended for most collections, even if they possess a previous edition.
Alan Moores, Booklist


Author Interview:
John Perlin
'A Forest Journey'
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Guarding the Cedars: Gilgamesh, and John Perlin's "A Forest Journey"
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Author John Perlin Explores the Role of Trees in the Rise & Fate of Civilization
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A conservation classic gets a big update and a reprint to reflect the climate crisis. Patagonia re-released "A Forest Journey" and we talk with author, John Perlin.
The L.A. Report
John Perlin is a Professor and Visiting Scholar in the Department of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
The Plant a Trillion Trees Podcast
John Perlin on the Role of Trees in the Fate of Civilization
Flanigan's Eco-Logic
We welcome John Perlin, whose prodigious "A Forest Journey" has just been re-published by Patagonia.
The Visionary Activist Show,

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We talk with John Perlin about how a planet that was once covered with verdant forests is now on the verge of losing its last trees, and the urgency to protect what remains of the great trees and forests of the world if the planet is to survive.
KBOO Radio
Mankind Owes It's Success On Earth to Decimated Forests
How On Earth, KGNU

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